House Of Hazards Unblocked

House of Hazards is a funny skill game created by NewEichGames. In House of Hazards, you race to complete various tasks inside a flat where your opponents watch your steps in real-time and set up traps to defeat you. Avoid obstacles like falling lamps and swinging cabinets to complete all of your objectives and win the round. Similarly, keep your opponents from completing their tasks by activating your own traps at the right time. Pay attention to the wheel of fortune at the end of every round to learn the rules of the next round. Are you ready for a dangerously good time? House of Hazards is so addictive it should come with a warning!

How to play House Of Hazards

Player 1

Player 2

Who created House Of Hazards

House of Hazards was created by NewEichGames, a game development company based in the United States

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